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Binding Decisions: Step-In or Strap-In?

Since the beginning of snowboarding time, bindings have worked in the same way: put one foot in the base of each binding, bend down and buckle two (sometimes three) straps across your boot to secure them to the snowboard. You are now one with your board -- until the next chair lift ride. Now bend down again and un-strap the rear binding. Ride chair. Re-strap. Ride down. Repeat.

In the last few years, step-in bindings have stepped into the scene. As opposed to the traditional strap binding system, step-in systems let users step down and with one easy click their boot is automatically attached to the board.

For many, the choice between strap and step-in bindings is a tough one. Step-ins are definitely more convenient, but many think that strap binding systems offer a better feel. Let's look at some pros and cons of each system:

Step-in pros:

  • Quick and easy -- step right in and start riding.
  • Boots are stiffer. Some people like this because it offers quicker edge to edge response.

Step-in cons:

  • Boots are stiffer. The subtle balances that take place within the foot while snowboarding get lost in a stiff step-in boot. Tricks are more difficult because it is harder to bend the ankle and the foot.
  • Limited choices. Step in boots and bindings must work together, so you must purchase them at the same time. And there just aren't as many of them on the market, making the ultimate boot fit harder to find.
  • Expense. Step-in systems are more spendy, but the gap is closing.

Strap system pros:

  • The boots and bindings are sold independently. Any soft boot can pretty much go with any strap binding on the market offering a lot of choices for the consumer, who can buy any brand of boots this year any brand of bindings next year, for example.
  • More boot choices. A good boot with a good fit is essential to a good snowboarding experience. More choices = better chance of finding the right boot for you.
  • Cheaper.

Strap system cons:

  • Slow and cumbersome to get in and out for every chair ride.

The ease of being able to step directly into a binding is a great selling point. But so far, the feel of a strap binding system still outweighs the ease of a step-in system for most snowboarders, including almost all the pros. In past years hopeful retailers were stocking step-ins; this year it appears that many specialty shops are holding out for something better.

In the meantime, step-ins are still great for some uses:

  • Rental shops. Strap bindings take time to properly adjust to different sized feet. With step - ins, find the right size boot and you are ready to go.
  • Cross-over skiers. Skiers already accustomed to the ease of being able to step right into their bindings will find that same convenience in a step-in system. Plus, skiers usually feel comfortable with the stiffer boot offered in a step-in system.

The Future of Step-Ins

The goal for step - ins might be to try to mimic the feel of a strap system while offering the ease of a step-in. Most riders agree that this combination is the ideal. But is it possible?

Well, if we can land a man on the moon... Most likely it is only a matter of time. Until then, see you at the top of the chair lift, strapping in.

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