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There are three different types of snowboard bindings. There are strap bindings, step-in bindings, and hard-boot bindings. To an extent, the type of binding you choose to use will depend on your riding style.

Strap Bindings
Strap bindings, also referred to as soft-boot bindings, are the most popular type of snowboard binding. Strap bindings can be used for freestyle riding or freeriding.

The basic components of a strap binding are: The foot straps, the baseplate, and the highback. Most strap bindings have two straps, a toe strap and an ankle strap. The day of the three strap freeride binding are pretty much gone (where a third strap fastened around the shin). These straps should be padded. There should also be a ratchet on the ankle strap (and some companies also put a ratchet on the toe strap) to help snug the strap to the foot.

Strap bindings also have a baseplate. The baseplate is the base of the binding. The base can be made of plastic, metal, or a composite material. Some companies also make different sized bases to fit different boot sizes. Many baseplates are padded. The padding acts as a shock absorber. Also, some companies have added a toe ramp to the base of strap bindings. The toe ramp helps add power to the toe-side edge.

The highback is also a feature of strap bindings. The highback is what provides power and leverage for tipping the board on its heelside edge. Highbacks come in different lengths. More power can be applied to the heelside edge with a longer highback. Also, some highbacks are padded, for extra comfort. Highbacks can also be made of different materials, like plastic or other composite materials.

Strap bindings are versatile bindings and can be used for both freestyle riding, and freeriding.

Step-In Bindings

There are many different types of step-ins on the market today. Each company has their own version of how to attach the boot to the board. Despite the different types of boot to board connections, step-ins either attach the boot to the board with a toe / heel connection (like the K2, Ride, or Device step-ins) or a side-to-side connection (like the Switch, Burton, or Rossignol step-ins).

Most often the highback for a step-in binding is located inside the snowboard boot, but many companies have started to put an external highback on their step-ins. These external highbacks can be adjusted like highbacks on strap bindings.

Step-ins can be used for either freestyle riding or freeriding. Step-in bindings are gaining in popularity. They have become increasingly easier to use, and more dependable.

Hard-Boot Bindings

Hard-boot bindings, also called race bindings or alpine bindings, are used with hard-boots (boots that look like ski boots). Hard-boot bindings use a camming lever and a wire bail to hold the boot to the binding. These types of bindings are highly adjustable. Hard-boot bindings are used mostly on alpine or carving boards, and used mostly by snowboard racers and expert carvers.

The three different types of snowboard bindings are: Strap bindings, step-in bindings, and hard-boot bindings. Strap bindings are the most popular type of snowboard binding. But, step-ins are becoming easier to use and are gaining in popularity, while hard-boot bindings are used mostly by snowboard racers and expert carvers.

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